Refurbishment system

The ALUTHERMIC refurbishment system was developed in 2004.

The system is unique in how flexibly it can be adapted to a wide variety of architectural conditions in the existing façade stock.

The system allows the existing metal facade to be insulated from either the inside or the outside.
The special feature of the ALUTHERMIC refurbishment system is embedded in the special insulating profile, which seals against heat loss, water and wind without the need for further gaskets.

The insulating elements are pre-fabricated in accordance with the requirements of the specific application.
The on-site installation can be done from the outside, so that the use of the premises is not impaired.


  • cheap
  • effective
  • sustainable, saving resources (no disposal of old facade)
  • use of the premises is not impaired
  • various color options available
  • weather resistent


Example window renovation

Existing façade without thermal break



Existing façade with ALUTHERMIC-insulating profile