Refurbishment of curtain walls and aluminum windows
without replacement

The best process in terms of grey energy balance!

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We are the sole provider of retrofit insulation for all types of aluminium profiles on façades and window fronts without replacing the actual component.

For the first time, owners of commercial buildings are given the opportunity to thermally and visually refurbish older aluminium façades and aluminium windows while they are still in use.

In addition to halving the costs compared to demolition and construction of a new façade, the continued use of the building during the work improves the overall return on investment.

We have been offering this insulation method for over 13 years to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We will be happy to provide you with references.

The unique construction ensures that the cold pressure near the windows is greatly reduced and that the rooms heat up much less in summer. In both cases, the feeling of well-being is significantly improved.

The attractiveness of the property increases significantly due to our freely selectable surface colours.

In our innovative insulation process, all new energy-saving guidelines, especially those from Germany, are of course met.

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The process

The system is installed in the form of an individualised facing shell made of insulating profiles.

The system allows a flexible and, compared to other solutions, unique adaptability to the most diverse structural situations in the existing façade.

The special feature of the ALU-THERMIC insulation method is the special insulation material embedded in the insulation profiles. This is able to seal against heat loss, water and wind without additional sealing profiles.

The insulating elements are prefabricated and preassembled in the company according to the requirements of the measurement.

On-site installation is carried out from the outside, so that there is no impairment due to loss of use of the premises.

to our product advantages

Our advantages


We insulate at half the price of installing a new facade.


We guarantee a high insulation value according to the latest guidelines!


Our insulation method is completely waterproof.
(ASTM E 331)


Our process is sustainable because the old façade does not have to be disposed of.

No downtime

We install from the outside during ongoing office operations.

Free choice of colours

Powder coating in all RAL colours.


Tried and tested technology for 13 years.


Without replacing the original seals. (ASTM E 283)

Insulated Pressure plate 2,5"

Our pressure plate uses the experience of 10 years of facade insulation.

The insulating material in a U-profile has three functions.

  • fixation of the glass panes
  • insulation of the space between the panes.
  • sealing the façade against water and wind (tested according to ASTM 283 and ASTM 331).

Our sealing principle is able to follow the movements of the aluminium construction and keep the corners tight.

About us

Since 2007 we offer thermal refurbishment of aluminium profiles. Why ?

Aluminium is an extremely good heat conductor, so that a considerable energy transfer takes place even through narrow profiles. Insulation at this point is therefore extremely economical.

So far, we have successfully insulated windows, curtain walls, bay windows and conservatories and are bucking the usual throwaway principle of older building components.

In 2015, we started to operate in Canada and won the first prize for our innovative product at “the Building Show“ in Toronto.

In 2016, we developed our first insulated press strip (2.5“) for curtain walls. This allows us to minimise energy transfer in the gaps between fixed glazing.

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Anselm Lischka
Dipl.-Ing. Anselm Lischka,
Founder of ALU-THERMIC

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