ALUTHERMIC offers you an unique pressure plate for curtain wall facades which both seal and insulate.

Our new product, the 2.5” pressure plate, is suitable for new facades, and also as replacement for older leaking pressure plates.

The new insulated pressure plate can be used with all 2.5” profiles and guarantees low overhead and operating costs for the long run.


Aluthermic Insulated Pressure Plate 2.5“

Pressure Plate
  1. Pressure plate
  2. Screw
  3. AIREX structural foam (data sheet)
    (also incombustible)
  4. Glass
  5. Snap cap (old or new)
  6. EPDM gasket

Our new insulated pressure plate offers excellent thermal improvement and tightness. It is available in the same dimensions as common pressure plates.

You can expect many advantages:

  • R-value: 8 h ft² F/ BTU
  • Can be applied to new façades and as retrofit
  • Same size as original
  • Snap cap can be reused - therefore no optical changes due to retrofit
  • Fast assembly
  • Prevents condensation at the inner frame
  • Prevents mold
  • Lower energy costs for air conditioning
  • Lower stress in the main aluminum structure
  • Prevents air and water leakage

Work Process